By Baruch Even
A while ago Bob Walsh did an analysis of the good and bad in the goCRM website. I thought to expand on that for some basic SEO techniques, these are common sense things that are missed by many (including Bob Walsh :-).


The key issue is keywords, when peoples search for something they use keywords and so far no search engine was able to tap into brain waves to know what the user really means. I don’t know enough on the topic of choosing keywords but I can give some hints what to do with them once you have them.

Important keyword places

It was already discusses by Ben Mc that keywords in the H1 tag are important since it’s something that Google picks up as an important clue for the page relevancy. You should also note that all H1 to H6 headers are good places for such keywords, so if you have headers in your page, be sure to wrap them in the H tags, and don’t forget to put your keywords in the headers.
Another important place to put a keywords is in the TITLE tag, the text in this tag goes to the window title but also forms the first sentence that appears in the search result, and more importantly, keywords in the TITLE are highlighted so they jump to the eye. The same happens with keywords in the URL. Try to search for MasterList in Google and you’ll find that some titles jump at you and some don’t. It’s fairly customary to put company name and tagline in the title, but is it really helpful to your cause? Are you in the business of generating a brand for yourself or selling a product? To sell a product you need peoples to find it and the cheapest way for this is organic traffic. Placing the keywords in the title has the best ROI.

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