(this was in reply to my post at LiveClipboard’s discussion site, just in. FYI, Jack is Ray Ozzie’s brother)


I’m glad you think this is cool, and as a developer I too understand the need for sample code. We’re REALLY early with this concept as Ray explained today in his blog posting, as my team just finished building the sample code in time to support his demo today at e-tech.

Just to set your expectations with “truth in advertising”: Live Clipboard went from a concept that Ray challenged me with three weeks ago to demo quality code that he showed today during his keynote at etech.
For now, you should be able to get started with the script code that’s on the web to understand how it works within the context of a Web site. You
don’t need any client side code to do browser-to-browser data exchange.
We’ll be providing more supporting documentation for that sample shortly, hopefully by end of the day.

With regard to the client side component that you saw running in the system tray: We built this component to translate from native PC clipboard formats to/from the browser’s LiveClipboard, and also keeps persistent history in a “clipbook” concept. We’d need to harden this component way more before we make it available as it covers lots of functionality that was just “baked in” at the last minute.

Our top priority is getting the data format for Live Clipboard finalized, then adapt the current sample code/site and share it out to the Web. We’re working as fast as we can to get both the formats and samples out to the community, so I appreciate yours and everyone’s patience here.

I’ll put in a plug for my dev team as they deserve all the credit for making Ray’s cool idea a reality. This effort couldn’t have been pulled off without the innovative talent and long hours put in by the concept dev team.

– Jack

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