As always, Guy Kawasaki is saying things that garage startups micro-ISVs should read, print, reread and divide into Next Actions. This time, it’s how to build a community around your micro-ISV’s product. This is the magic you need to be successful.
Here’s the gist, translated into micro-ISV terms, but please, go read Guy’s Post to get it right:

  • Go public with a micro-ISV product worth building a community around.
  • Identify your influential beta testers, and pay them with your respect and attention.
  • Allocate time to build a community – be it a forum, or a lively blog, spend the time responding and conversing.
  • If you can, bring to market a product users can add value to and share that value with others.
  • If you can, bring to market a product that has an API, and spend the time to do a good SDK for it.
  • Welcome constructive criticism and respond publicly, honestly and civily to it.
  • Talk with your customers and prospective customer publicly when possible.
  • Market and promote your micro-ISV community.

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