Well, that was fun-Not! If you are reading this at http://mymicroisv.com, then the move is finally complete.
It took way longer than I estimated to switch from miserable Yahoo Small Business to a new domain with my main host, Alentus.com. Most of the time was spent translating a painfully hacked index.htm/style.css from Movable Type into the same for WordPress 2.0. Not fun. Then there was the joy of exporting and importing posts and (hopefully) comments. Finally had to resort to importing from the RSS feed, post by post, to get this to work. Hopefully, once I resolve how to get into phpmyadmin and I apply this hack, the comments will also show.
This just goes to show the more apps and APIs you have to traverse between beginning and completing a task, the more time you’d better allot.


  1. bobw Reply

    At least the comments work here! Also, this is a test of CoComment, more on that later.

  2. Bob,
    I noticed a small error on the new site. After clicking on the “Resources” tab above, the “The Book” tab turns into a duplicate “Files” tab.

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