Not sure how to structure your micro-ISV development efforts? There’s an excellent article on one approach to structuring your development at Gamasutra by Julian Gold excerpted from his book, Object-Oriented Game Development.
Although the book itself is only available from a secondary seller at Amazon, you can find the article at Gamasutra.
Gold’s Approach in a nutshell:

  • Build your micro-ISV’s code structure first at a set of Nulls classes/procedures. Doing so defines much of the scope and structure of the app, even though “real coding” has yet to start.
  • You are going to be adding/rewriting code and working up from Null to Base (placeholders) to Nominal (ready to release) to Optimal (last word on this feature).
  • Does this mean you are going to write the same class 4 times? yes – and you would have anyway as your understanding of your app evolves. But by explicitly recognizing the fact, you can gain considerable value by determining which features get done to what level when.

Good reading, even if you aren’t (yet) a micro-ISV.

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