I can has all my Tabs Back!

Export All Google Chrome Tabs to Evernote

I’m stitching together a new comprehensive productivity system presently – to go along with my new work focus of Ruby on Rails work + consulting + writing. It’s nowhere near ready to unleash on an unsuspecting internets, but I just found a chunk well worth sharing.

If you use Chrome, then you’ve probably adopted the new bookmark “stars” functionalityand lost the ability forever to bookmark all tabs. This came as a nasty surprise – it’s gone, you can’t go back, you are screwed.

Chrome extensions like Stash sort of give you back an easy way to reopen your bookmarks en masse, but I found an applescript/Alfred workflow, Export all Chrome Tabs to Evernote on the Veritrope.com site that’s better than the old bookmark all tabs functionality. It creates an Evernote note listing all of the currently topmost Chrome browser window without fuss or muss.

I think its a net gain because many is the time I have a bunch of tabs open about a particular topic – like say Rails 4.1 ActionPack Variants – and have wished I could move that set into Evernote for future reference. Now I can – and so can you.

If you use Alfred, it’s as easy as typing cte, or you can make this applescript into a text snippet with Text Expander, or run the applescript using the built in Script Editor, or Automator.

If you’re on Windows, you are SOL, but here’s something that will definitely help :).

Start every day with a line of code.

I’m going to try an experiment: identify and implement 1 small habit each Monday that makes me a better solopreneur, and report the results back here. This week: Start the day with a line of Code. Earlier this morning as I was lying in beed, checking news and zite, texting my girlfriend, avoiding another week […]

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An interesting Amazon innovation


  I just saw something I never expected to see again: a mailman delivering a big heavy box to my doorstep on a Sunday afternoon. Seems Amazon has started using the USPS for big box deliveries seven days a week, at least here in California. I’m hoping this marks a revitalization of the USPS who […]

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A Conversation with Sublime Text expert Wes Bos

If you’re a developer who lives in Sublime Text, this conversation I had today with Wes has some great information – give it a watch.

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Comparing yourself to startups when you’re a solopreneur


One of the hardest aspects of being a solopreneur is dealing with the emotional impact of all those startups who, unlike you, seem to live on Easy Street. You hear about an app like Yo that sends just those characters to someone else raising $1.5 million on a valuation of $10 million and you ask […]

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Big Screen Sublime Text 3 – Cobalt2 theme is awesome.

Wes Bos' Cobalt2 SB3 Theme

I happen to fall in the “there’s no such thing as too much screen” camp when it comes to writing code, which is why my setup is a iMac 27-inch with a Apple 27-inch display on one side and a cheapie HDMI screen on the other. And given I’m not in my twenties by a […]

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An Interview with a man from the Future

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A visceral feeling of true fear

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AmazonSmile – what a good idea!


Amazon started something a few months ago that didn’t get much attention, but should: It donates 1/2 percent of what you buy to your favorite charity when you buy through http://smile.amazon.com/. First you pick a charity – they have almost a million national  and local charities to pick from. I picked Pets Lifeline. There is no step […]

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2014 Solution for the dreaded OpenSSL Errors and Rails – Certificate Verify Failed Error

I’ve had this same issue manifest on 4 different macs, and while the solutions on OpenSSL Errors and Rails – Certificate Verify Failed sometimes worked, I still hit this error on a brand new iMac late last month. Finally realized that “openssl::ssl::sslerror: ssl_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=sslv3 read server certificate b: certificate verify failed” really wasn’t about […]

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