Lies, Damn Lies! and Time Management


Note: The following screed is brought to in the public interest. If you’ve wouldn’t in a million years put the words “time” and “management” together, feel free to skip. I started reading Jenny Blake’s fine Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want this morning (Jenny: need a Life Way After College sequel and Kindle […]

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You have data. What you need is DigMyData.


So there you are, with your startup wired up with every type of analytic instrumentation you could ask for. You got your Google Analytics, Google AdWords, your email engagement program of choice (it really ought to be MailChimp, IMO). And you have your social media data – how many Twitter followers you have, what people […]

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Taking Charge of your Startup’s Scheduling


By Mark L. Smith, Co-Founder Momentum is the life blood of a startup. Nothing gums up the works and kills momentum like scheduling difficulties — timezones, multiple availability schedules, holidays. It’s a wonder sometimes that anything gets scheduled at all. We absolutely love our product vision at DigMyData and we love using our own tool to tell […]

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Will it work?

jason cohen

Will your startup succeed? Will it make you money, get you into TechCrunch, be a home run? No one can tell you for sure. But some people can give you a damn good guess backed up by a track record of building successful startups. One such person is Jason Cohen, of A Smart Bear fame, […]

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Weekend Ponderable: Too funny, too true

I can’t personally vouch for Peter Ireland’s services, but he has a solid grasp of the nature of  a certain kind of “startup founder” and a wickedly sharp sense of humor. That’s a good reason to watch this video and check out what else he has at his site. Enjoy:

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Weekend Ponderable: The net value of your idea


Derek Sivers nailed it. So what’s the value of an idea? Well, it does have some value, but it’s really a multiplier for execution. Say ideas are worth 1 to 20. 1 to 20 what? 1 to 20 as ideas in and by themselves. Not exactly enough to retire on, right? Now do something with […]

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In or Out?

In the Zone

Of the Zone I mean. You’ve heard about it over and over, but here is the best description I’ve read (Thanks Rands!): Let’s talk about the Zone once more. You’re either sitting down with your computer to futz around with something or you’re attempting to get in the Zone. This is that magical place where […]

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Weekend Ponderable: Eternal Truths

Way back in 1981 I was pretty much at rock bottom. I was working as a bicycle messenger in San Francisco, after wandering off the academic reservation. I can remember sitting there in the can after a shift one day: I was soaked to the bone, cold and hurt everywhere after going ass over head […]

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ok – so this is ugly.

But I could use 20 seconds of your help. Do either of these HD YouTube vids play for you? After Iain’s killer post I decide to take a cannonball jump into video. Blame Iain : Thanks! You should get over the shock with a few deep breaths. (An aside: if you run a […]

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What I’ve learned about creating product videos


By Iain Dooley, Founder of Working Software and creator of Decal CMS Over the past year, I’ve done a bit of work producing videos and in this post I discussed the importance video has played thus far in marketing, support and training people how to use Decal CMS. With the launch of our flagship public […]

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