Weekend Ponderable: Too funny, too true

I can’t personally vouch for Peter Ireland’s services, but he has a solid grasp of the nature of  a certain kind of “startup founder” and a wickedly sharp sense of humor. That’s a good reason to watch this video and check out what else he has at his site. Enjoy:

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Weekend Ponderable: The net value of your idea


Derek Sivers nailed it. So what’s the value of an idea? Well, it does have some value, but it’s really a multiplier for execution. Say ideas are worth 1 to 20. 1 to 20 what? 1 to 20 as ideas in and by themselves. Not exactly enough to retire on, right? Now do something with […]

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In or Out?

In the Zone

Of the Zone I mean. You’ve heard about it over and over, but here is the best description I’ve read (Thanks Rands!): Let’s talk about the Zone once more. You’re either sitting down with your computer to futz around with something or you’re attempting to get in the Zone. This is that magical place where […]

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Weekend Ponderable: Eternal Truths

Way back in 1981 I was pretty much at rock bottom. I was working as a bicycle messenger in San Francisco, after wandering off the academic reservation. I can remember sitting there in the can after a shift one day: I was soaked to the bone, cold and hurt everywhere after going ass over head […]

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ok – so this is ugly.

But I could use 20 seconds of your help. Do either of these HD YouTube vids play for you? After Iain’s killer post I decide to take a cannonball jump into video. Blame Iain : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkEqVPmupLY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gITrCFCDUC Thanks! You should get over the shock with a few deep breaths. (An aside: if you run a […]

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What I’ve learned about creating product videos


By Iain Dooley, Founder of Working Software and creator of Decal CMS Over the past year, I’ve done a bit of work producing videos and in this post I discussed the importance video has played thus far in marketing, support and training people how to use Decal CMS. With the launch of our flagship public […]

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Ponderable: Bookfunding.


Phil Simon (the Startup Success Podcast #104) is doing some very sophisticated customer discovery: Give this interview with him a read. While I am sure that Phil’s book is going to make a good read, the mechanism he’s using (Kickstarter) is a story in and by itself. Screw traditional publishers. Instead, give people a way […]

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So how are you using Google+?


Got into Google+ yesterday (Thanks Phil!) – now it’s time to start digging around to figure out exactly what a startup founder can get out of it. If you’re in, comment about how you are finding value there. If you’re not, and you’ve got a startup/Google+ related idea, tip, question – comment and I’ve got […]

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Thomas Friedman gets it. Do you?

Thomas Friedman

You may have missed this post July 12th by Thomas Friedman of the New York Times: The Startup of You. Take a moment to read it. The gist is that the startup mindset – hyperconnected, online, and above all else adaptable – is becoming the differentiating factor whether you will get a job in this […]

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Bootstrapped Lean College Startup: UpOut


By Martin Shen, UX Guy and Cofounder of UpOut UpOut helps you discover hip hop karaoke, flying trapeze classes, underground restaurants and other awesome things to do. It has extensive filters, customizable profiles and much more, but it started as just a side project between college and our web design firm. However, it’s that busy schedule […]

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