Give it a listen today!


The Business of Software Conference starting today in Boston is live streaming, beginning at 9am Eastern. If you want to hear and watch some of the sharpest minds in the software business, get yourself registered on this page and start partaking. Watch videos of previous talks. Here’s the speaker schedule, with my personal favorites/recommendations in […]

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Give me what I want


Okay! There’s countless small and large projects that need to be accomplished on the road to a successful self-funded startup; don’t be shy asking for what you’d like to see here.  Starting today, you’ll find the Y Project has its own page, and you can vote which post you want to see me research and […]

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Finding a great startup domain name


There’s thousands of advice posts on picking a domain name; In this post I’ll try to filter down to the few most important ideas, take a quick look at how the interaction between name and market focus work, and share 6 online tools that I found useful in my hunt for Project Y’s URL. The […]

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Remember the future with


(A while back I’d planned to launch a new productivity site,, but it makes more sense to fold that effort into 47Hats. So, here’s the first of a series of posts on tools and services for improved online productivity. Note the .pdf download at the end of the post! :)) The more people you […]

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Starting something new… Project Y.

Pulling Bent Nail 1

One of the weirder things I do is tackle multiple problems with one solution. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it tends to make life… interesting. So here are the problems I’m out to solve: I’m looking for a big fat hook I can hang great content on here, that you’re going to want to […]

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Missing Steve, Reason #1: the “Internal Error Occurred” debacle.


I miss Steve. I miss him a lot. Especially after spending the past 4 hours trapped in the “Internal Error Occurred” debacle (reported here, here, and even here, and anywhere else Apple-centric on the web), unsuccessfully upgrading my iPad and iPhone to iOS5. For my snickering Windows friends (I’m thinking of you, Pat!), today’s waste of what could […]

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Here, we go, again.

Google Chrome

Whirr. Click. Clank! Reboot complete – 47hats is back! Having taken a long virtual walk to clear my head about what I want to do here, I’m writing again about what matters to me (and hopefully you): the Startup World, productivity in the early days of the Internet Age, and sundry other topics. Redoing this site […]

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Lies, Damn Lies! and Time Management


Note: The following screed is brought to in the public interest. If you’ve wouldn’t in a million years put the words “time” and “management” together, feel free to skip. I started reading Jenny Blake’s fine Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want this morning (Jenny: need a Life Way After College sequel and Kindle […]

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You have data. What you need is DigMyData.


So there you are, with your startup wired up with every type of analytic instrumentation you could ask for. You got your Google Analytics, Google AdWords, your email engagement program of choice (it really ought to be MailChimp, IMO). And you have your social media data – how many Twitter followers you have, what people […]

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Taking Charge of your Startup’s Scheduling


By Mark L. Smith, Co-Founder Momentum is the life blood of a startup. Nothing gums up the works and kills momentum like scheduling difficulties — timezones, multiple availability schedules, holidays. It’s a wonder sometimes that anything gets scheduled at all. We absolutely love our product vision at DigMyData and we love using our own tool to tell […]

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