Conversation Marketing


I was checking my Google blog radar this morning when I came across an absolute gem of a read: Ian Lurie’s Common Sense Internet Strategies at his blog, Conversation Marketing. Ian’s an experienced Internet marketing consultant whose book (available free online or for $19.95 as a book) is one of the absolute best things I’ve […]

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Avoid the top three web mistakes.

By Dave Collins Founder, Shareware Promotions Having carried out countless website reviews – some of them live at the various software conferences – we have seen more than our fair share of websites selling software. After a while, patterns have emerged, and it is clear that there are certain mistakes that website owners make time […]

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Weekly Site Review – E-junkie


This week’s micro-ISV volunteer for my Weekly Site Review post is Robin Kohli, founder of Tucson, Arizona-based E-junkie. E-junkie is a micro-ISV and provides a service to micro-ISVs who want to streamline their ecommerce processing and followup. Specifically, E-junkie sells a shopping cart service that works with a variety of payment processors (PayPal, Google, ClickBank, […]

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Something’s going on with Office Live

In all the years I’ve been doing tech, I’ve been to exactly 1 Microsoft event (the intro of Microsoft Access) and that was in San Francisco. Next month, I’m going to Microsoft in Seattle for an event, entitled: “Office Live Review for Micro ISVs” on May 21, 2007 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I’m […]

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A custom quality micro-ISV search of our own!


As I mentioned here, after listening last week to Dan Appleman talk on .NET Rocks! about the custom Google search he’s created for .NET programmers (the search is; also see this post and this post), I’ve decided this is a tool worth putting some serious time into and making available here. Spurred on by […]

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Why the Weekly Site Review?

Simply put, so I get emails like this: +++++++ Hey Bob! Thanks for all your great input. I’ve considered your excellent input and have spend the past couple of weeks concentrating on giving a better user experience: The results? Amazing! – FreeHouse was up running for 3 months and resulted in 34 Ads – […]

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The 5 Laws of a Remarkable Corporate Video


[Tom Clifford is an award-winning filmmaker, interesting guy and a strong believer that companies – big, small or micro – are in the story making and storytelling business. Youtube and its imitators and lesser-known video sites are disrupting and reshaping what video means. Tom’s got some good advice here if you’re about to hit the […]

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Advice for Web 2.0 micro-ISVs re free trials

A while ago I wrote on some of the ways of converting prospective customers into ex-prospective customers. Yesterday, I found this excellent post at Vitamin by Sam Nurmi on the same topic for pure online services: “Create an irresistible free trial for your app”. His main points are: Signing up for a trial account should […]

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The Marketing 101 podcast for micro-ISVs

Our latest The MicroISV Show just got posted by my hardworking cohost, Michael Lehman, and if you are looking for a really good intro to marketing your micro-ISV and creating a useful marketing plan – look no further. We interviewed Kevin Epstein, author of Marketing Made Easy and proprietor of the Stupid Marketing site and […]

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When Google AdWords Fails

[Editor Note: Dave Collins, noted UK micro-ISV marketing expert, is sharing his considerable expertise on marketing, SEO, Google AdWords and more on Fridays at MyMicroISV. Thanks Dave!] By Dave CollinsFounder, Shareware Promotions I’ve now been working with Google AdWords for more years than I can remember. Literally. Over the years I have helped setup, administer […]

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