MicroISV Profile: Jonas Martinsson


By Jonas Martinsson FeedJournal – The Newspaper You Always Wanted http://www.feedjournal.com [Ed. Note: From time to time I'm inviting various microISVs to come talk about the development of their products here at 47hats.com. Want to contribute a MicroISV Profile? Email me.] My micro-ISV project is FeedJournal. At its core, it generates a PDF newspaper from […]

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On yesterday’s post about stop beating the documentation dead horse and start riding the video pony, Stuart raised a very good question: “Wait a sec, I just thought of something, if the customer won’t read the manual how do you get them to search for the correct video and view it. OK, the customer will […]

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RTFM is so over.


How many times have you wanted to tell a customer, Read the F*cking Manual! Me too – first learning the trade doing tech support in various corporations, then on numerous contracts where I built and documented apps for the some of the same companies, then for my own microISVs product. You can ask, implore, beg, […]

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Playing it safe isn’t safe.


Here’s an anti-pattern all too often seen: a good programmer, sick unto death of being a corporate codemonkey, starts a microISV and immediately do the wrong thing: they build a safe product. It might be a software library or component, or a CMS system not unlike all the other CMS systems out there, only better. […]

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links for 2007-10-02

SEO & Search Engine Marketing Mindmap Here’s a mindmap view of SEO – one of the 47 hats you have to wear. So many tasks, so little time! (tags: microISV, SEO) Why Microsoft must abandon Vista to save itself | Tech news blog – CNET News.com The natives are getting restless…Quick, give them a Zune […]

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Hi Again!


Readers of this blog may have noticed I’ve not posted for 2+ weeks. That’s just no way to run a blog or treat your readers, I know. But since I announced back around the first of July that I was starting a consulting practice to help microISVs succeed, things have gotten busy: Providing custom consulting […]

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Happyland is a bad place

Michael Lehman and I’s interview with Judi Tyabji Wilson, CEO of Tugboat Enterprises, is now up at Channel 9 and if you are an incurable optimist and your PC works flawlessly and never, ever crashes, don’t bother watching it. For the rest of billion or so people whose lives include those happy little moments of […]

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MicroISV Tactics #1 – Treat their customers like your customers.

(I’m starting a new category here at 47hats.com for smart marketing tactics being used by microISVs – MicroISV Tactics. The thing about these tactics is that they draw on the nature of microISVs; they’re not just general good things to do in business ideas.) Patrick McKenzie, Bingo Card Creator, posted about why he treats his […]

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Hard lessons from the field – ‘Real-world WPF business application #1’


By Stuart Foster-Hall from AMBA Sterling ICT Ltd. AMBA Sterling ICT Ltd. stuart@ambasterling.com ambasterling.spaces.live.com www.ambasterling.com [Ed. Note: From time to time I'm inviting various microISVs to come talk about the development of their products here at 47hats.com. Stuart Foster-Hall kicks off MicroISV Profiles by discussing what it's like building a microISV app in Windows Presentation […]

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Getting nice and uncomfortable.


Doing business in the online world is all about getting uncomfortable. For me, last week’s revised try at becoming a speaker for the Business of Software Conference was a supremely uncomfortable act – I’d rather have slept on a bed of piercingly sharp nails than go on camera. That said it – with the support […]

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