MicroISVs and climate change


Today is Blog Action Day, and given that, this post is about the environment. Many other people today will be blogging about things you can do for the environment as an individual and those are good things; but being who I am, I want to concentrate on some of the opportunities I see in the […]

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links for 2007-10-15

SuperHappyDevHouse wiki – Welcome to the DevHouse! The wiki pas… Anyone been to one of these? (tags: 47hats, meetups) Cool Software / Cool Software Get your app listed here if you want Intel and other VC’s to hear about it. (tags: 47hats, VCs) secretGeek Definitely not a dull blog! (tags: 47hats, microISV) Creating a Successful […]

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Reviewing RoboSoft: The Long Arm of Submission


By Joshua Volz Volz Software [Ed. Note: From time to time I’m inviting various microISVs to come talk about the development of their products here at 47hats.com. Want to contribute a MicroISV Profile? Email me.] Marketing. It’s the other half of having a software company. It’s the hard part for most of us who start […]

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FogBugz puts an end to faith-based developing


Yesterday I got the word on Fog Creek’s new FogBugz 6.0 from the man himself, Joel Spolsky, from a microISV point of view. I wanted to see for myself whether the new 6.0 had gained anything that would make it easier to use as my one person tech support app; what I got was a […]

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links for 2007-10-08

KeyXL Keyboard Shortcuts When the going gets tough, the tough turn to keyboard shortcuts, at least they do if they’re programmers. Nice site with lots of good shortcuts. (tags: shortcuts keyboard) Web Worker 101: Estimating Basics « Web Worker Daily A good primer on estimating software tasks – be they for The Man or for […]

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Doing micro things in a microISV

Tim Haughton over at The Agile Micro ISV Blog nailed it today: “Teams move boulders. The micro ISV fills his pockets with pebbles and runs back and forth.” Too often microISVs fall into the trap of approaching work (programming, marketing, planning) as if they were still safely nestled in their old corporate jobs – big […]

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MicroISV Profile: Jonas Martinsson


By Jonas Martinsson FeedJournal – The Newspaper You Always Wanted http://www.feedjournal.com [Ed. Note: From time to time I’m inviting various microISVs to come talk about the development of their products here at 47hats.com. Want to contribute a MicroISV Profile? Email me.] My micro-ISV project is FeedJournal. At its core, it generates a PDF newspaper from […]

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On yesterday’s post about stop beating the documentation dead horse and start riding the video pony, Stuart raised a very good question: “Wait a sec, I just thought of something, if the customer won’t read the manual how do you get them to search for the correct video and view it. OK, the customer will […]

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RTFM is so over.


How many times have you wanted to tell a customer, Read the F*cking Manual! Me too – first learning the trade doing tech support in various corporations, then on numerous contracts where I built and documented apps for the some of the same companies, then for my own microISVs product. You can ask, implore, beg, […]

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Playing it safe isn’t safe.


Here’s an anti-pattern all too often seen: a good programmer, sick unto death of being a corporate codemonkey, starts a microISV and immediately do the wrong thing: they build a safe product. It might be a software library or component, or a CMS system not unlike all the other CMS systems out there, only better. […]

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