Dealing with information overload: Lincoln and RSS.


Michael Slater – cofounder of – asked one of those questions I find keep popping up in my life: How to do you cope with the information flood? The techniques I used back last century fail utterly in a world of blogs, social networks, intermittent twitter service, iPhones and RSS. I’ve had to find […]

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Deathmarch not over; but I’m back.


Faithful (and I know you’re faithful because you’re reading this even though it’s been six weeks since my last post) readers know I’m attempting a hat trick not unlike sticking your head in a lion’s mouth and getting it out again: write a new app for the microISV/startup community that will rock (Project X) in […]

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Crowdsource Testing your Application

[Note: This is another in a series of posts by vendors I’ve invited to write a guest post here because they have something to offer of value to microISVs. If you have a product or service that helps microISVs succeed and would like to do a guest post here, please email me at] By […]

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5 tips for focusing on your MicroISV

In some ways, it’s the hardest hat a microISV can wear: how do you stay focused and keep moving forward as you build your microISV? It’s not easy, as “The Tired One” lamented in this post at Business of Software recently, but it can be done. But first, you’re going to have to disenthrall yourself […]

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Lighting can strike and surprises happen

Two posts I came across today work more than a glance: first off, in this business lightning can strike, as Luckas Biewald at Dolores Labs woke up Sunday to find their crowdsourcing app, FaceStat, featured on the front page of Like in front page of, the single most trafficked site on the entire […]

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Games microISVs play with themselves


Maybe it’s this raging cold I brought home, or maybe it’s synchronicity at work, but a good online friend of mine, Tina Su, just posted another must read for microISVs: The Panacea for Putting Things Off. Can you recall a time when you wanted to do something important, yet you’ve managed to make enough excuses […]

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Get up, get out, get moving

Just back from Tokyo with a ton of new ideas/insights, a cold (thanks Marshall! – just kidding) and some great reads to catch up with on the net. First up: Want more clients? Get out of your mental ghetto, by one of my all time favs, Pam Slim. Pam nailed microISVs dead to rights. We […]

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These time-sucks will add 3 months to your launch date.

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Starr Horne, creator of ChatSpring, a live-chat application. You can read more by Starr at Upstarter – the simple habits of successful entrepreneurs. I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. – Douglas Adams Freedom! There’s nothing like a new project. […]

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The future doesn’t just happen.


See the guy in the white shirt and tie at the end? He’s got a good reason to smile – he may just be cooking up the world you’ll live in a few years. And it’s a pretty damn nice world – UPS can deliver that new Indiana Jones V dvd to you – not […]

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Dispatch from Tokyo


I don’t get out much – nearly everything I do for work and fun is on the web. So when Hideshi Hamaguchi and Toru Takasuka of Lunarr, a startup I’d written about for Web Worker Daily invited me to join 3 well-known bloggers for a weeklong visit to Tokyo and Japan’s growning startup community, I […]

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