Join me at the Big Nerd Ranch in October.


Just to let you know, I will be teaching in Atlanta, GA a three day class in early October: The MicroISV/Startup Bootcamp. When Aaron Hillegass – one of the most respected Mac instructors and authors out there – asked me if I’d be interested in teaching at the Big Nerd Ranch 20 or so developers […]

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5 Strategies to stop stealing time from yourself.


My post 2 days ago, Stop stealing, seems to have hit a nerve – given 57 comments so far. So, I thought I’d better pony up the big and small ways I and others have found to stop stealing time from ourselves. Two things I want to make clear – I fall off the productivity […]

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When the going gets tough, the tough get agile.


When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “The rich are not like you and me,” he could have been just as easily referring to the gap between programmers swaddled in their nice little cubicles and those of us who for better or worse are out here in the cold and dark peddling our microISV wares and startup […]

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Stop stealing.


It started innocently enough a few years ago, didn’t it? It wasn’t like you were actually breaking the law, being a criminal, being a Bad Person hurting people. No one was getting hurt – if there’s no victim, there’s no crime, right? Besides, everyone else was doing it! It was no worse than swiping that […]

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Here comes da Judge!


Well, sort of! Eric Ly, CEO of Presdo, has asked me to join LinkedIn cofounder Allen Blue, Mike Maples, Jr. of Maples Investments, and social media guru Ben Metcalfe to judge which three developers should win brand spanking new Apple iPhone 3Gs. The catch? You need to do something cool with the Presdo API and […]

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Hard numbers about blogging and social networks.


Tipped by a tweet by Steve Ruble, I was excited to see a post about new polling numbers from the Pew Internet & American Life Project regarding blogging: 42% of all Americans have read a blog at least once, 33% still read blogs, 11% read blogs regularly, 12% have created a blog, 5% blog regularly. […]

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A Tale of Selling a MicroISV

By Rob Walling of Software by Rob About two months ago I put my Micro-ISV, a web-based invoicing system, up for sale. The sale played out exactly as I expected except for one detail: I didn’t sell it. Instead, I took on a partner. You can read the full account of what I learned from […]

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Weekly Site Review: TwistedWave


With this post I’m doing three things at once: Bringing back my public site reviews of microISVs and startups who ask me to review them. Showing off for the first time a very small part of Project X that functions right but has the CSS styling of the south end of a northbound cat: you […]

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Clients making news.


One of the cool things about consulting with microISVs and startups is when your clients reach and pass important milestones on the road to success. Four of my clients (that have given me the okay to talk about them) have done just that: Tim Sullivan – Spice, an innovative SaaS application for hiring managers launched […]

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Dealing with information overload: Lincoln and RSS.


Michael Slater – cofounder of – asked one of those questions I find keep popping up in my life: How to do you cope with the information flood? The techniques I used back last century fail utterly in a world of blogs, social networks, intermittent twitter service, iPhones and RSS. I’ve had to find […]

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