Bits and Pieces


Busy week, but here’s a few things that I squirreled away you might like to finish your Friday with: Tim Haughton is having entirely too much fun with SSH, posting 3 Things You Didn’t Know About SSH – Part 1. This post is how you can use SSH to tunnel your web traffic to your […]

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Calling all microISVs/startups! Be on the lookout for…


Well, I guess for me. I’m writing as of today for CNET’s Webware after quitting my previous blogging gig. Webware is all about web applications and CNET – which is owned by CBS now by the way – is all about the web apps that are changing how people live and work online. If you’re […]

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Constraints are a good thing.


Something I’ve noticed working with a fair number of microISVs and startups: constraints are a good thing. The digital entrepreneurs who’ve been successful and therefore have the luxury of time and money are the those less likely to get to the point of releasing a new product. Another version of this is the developer who […]

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51 Steps to Startup Success – Not!


Stanislav Shalunov – one of the people I track in Tweetdeck when I’m in online network mode – tweeted an alert a moment ago to this post, “Startups – The Essential To Do List”. Now I’m hoping like hell that its author, Dr. J. Basil Peters, was just in a fiendishly funny mood today and […]

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Bits and Pieces.


Here’s a few things on the web that caught my attention recently you may find interesting: Keith Alperin of Helium Foot Software posted his second podcast episode in his series, Mac Software Business, Year One. He and Scotty Scott, Kevin Hoctor and Gus Mueller kick around Mac specific issues and general topics like licensing, PayPal […]

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Striking a balance of user needs in technology development.

Melanie Baker Community Manager AideRSS For those of us who live and breathe tech, it can be easy to forget how different our online habits are from those of the average internet user. We at AideRSS, and folks like us, have assimilated RSS into our information processing and now look ahead at how to improve […]

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The law is the law.


…and you are far better off knowing the laws as it applies to IT about copyright, trademarks, domain names, software patents, trade secrets, NDA’s, NCA’s, open source licenses, consulting agreements, SLA’s, beta test agreements, EULA’s, SaaS TOS, commercial distribution agreements, privacy, digital content agreements, videogame publishing agreements, foreign distribution agreements, and what happens if you […]

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Do it in front of other people.


I and over 800 people sat down this afternoon and had a cozy 1-to-1 with Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of, courtesy of online video streaming company Now if you’re not a fan as I am, or Basecamp/Highrise/Campfire/Backpack user, you could care less, right? Wrong. Developers, startups and microISVs, I have […]

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Product blogs don’t have to be boring.


One of my clients, Tugboat Enterprises, launched its “Rising Tide: Tales from The Land of Selkie” blog last week, and if you’re wondering about some of the finer points of doing a product blog, it’s definitely worth a visit. When you get there, you’re not going to find a blog extolling the wonders of Selkie […]

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12 Tactics to stop stealing time from yourself.


My post Monday, Stop stealing, garnered 66 comments – definitely a record for me. As I said Wednesday, there’s both strategic ways to take control of your attention, focus and productivity, and there are plenty of tactics that can improve your productivity. In fact, there’s too many. Way, way too many. Take for example this […]

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