MicroISV Digest – 02/13/2010

Community News: The 19th annual Software Industry Conference will be held this year in Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt Regency DFW, July 15-17, 2010. The conference runs each year from Thursday through Saturday. It is designed for both beginners and experienced Micro ISVs and internet marketers. At SIC you can go to sessions on current […]

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And the winner is…


Michael Buckbee. Michael asked the best question during our recent contest with Legal River and its new answerboard. Michael gets an hour of free legal advice/work and a free year’s membership to StartupToDo.com. “I’m a software developer for The Social Collective (http://www.thesocialcollective.com) we create specialized social network tools for conference, festivals and tradeshows. If you’re […]

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MicroISV Digest – 01/30/2010


Community News: Rob Bazinet, Stillriversoftware.com, has purchased Expens’d from Atlantic Dominion Solutions (Robert Dempsey). This is a good move for Rob, Robert and Expens’d’s customers. It’s also a good model – on both sides – how to create and grow value. Michael Douma, IDEA, has launched ColorRotate – a 3D color picker for PhotoShop and […]

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Disrupting the Law with a Lending Tree for Startups


It’s been an axiom of mine for a long time: everybody wants justice, but you’ve have to have the money to buy it. And for bootstrapping startups and microISVs, lawyering up even when you desperately need to has been too damn expensive. Legal River, a new Washington D.C based startup is standing that on its head. Instead […]

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47Hats: There’s an iPhone app for that!


Woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise: my Apple iPhone App was approved overnight and is waiting for you to download free! [iTunes link]. There’s a couple of reasons I thought this was worth doing for me and for any microISV or startup who wants to reach out to the 40 million or so […]

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MicroISV Digest – 01/20/2010


Community News: Anthony Williams, Just Software Solutions Ltd, Tired of waiting for the upcoming C++ standard (C++0x)’s support of multithreading and concurrency? Just Software Solutions’ just::thread library is an implementation of the C++0x thread library for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and g++. V1.3 introduces support for the new std::async function for launching asynchronous tasks, support […]

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Clarify your story.


(Note: Sramana, our guest for the Startup Success Podcast Show #52, was kind enough to let me reprint here the appendix of her new book, Positioning: How To Test, Validate, And Bring Your Idea To Market. These are the kinds of “killer questions” you need to think on, research and define your unique answers for.) […]

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Why MicroISVs fail to sell.


(Note: originally ran this post when this ebook came out nearly 2 years ago – which may mean you missed it. Also, I’m considering doing the not inconsiderable work to reformat and sell for the Kindle. What do you think?) [The following is a free sample from my ebook, MicroISV Sites that Sell! – Creating and […]

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DBF: 50 bucks gets your startup’s blog on the iPhone this weekend.


(DBF stands for Digital Better Future – it’s a ongoing series of posts on digital developments making the lives of Digital Entrepreneurs easier, better and faster in 2010.) Go ahead, admit it. You would be totally, ultra-excited to have your online content available as a native (not HTML5) app on the Apple iPhone. And you […]

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MicroISV Digest – 01/13/2010


Welcome to the first MicroISV Digest for 2010 with a somewhat new approach. To increase the likelihood of me consistently doing this, The MicroISV Digest will come out on Wednesdays and cover about the previous week’s worth of happenings and news in the microISV/startup world. Community News: Vance Lucas, InvoiceMore, has relaunched with a new, simpler, […]

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