MicroISV Digest – 06/09/2010

Community News: Sarat Pediredla, hedgehog lab, wanted to let MicroISV Digest readers know about a special offer: buy their bug tracker, fixx, and get 50% off the purchase price until the end of July. (Promo code: SQUASHMYBUGS). (Check out their site in any case: nice use of a custom font.) What’s better than having four […]

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If Our Prices Are Wrong, We’ll Just Change Them Later


By Lincoln Murphy, Managing Director Sixteen Ventures http://sixteenventures.com If there was ever any doubt that the “Pricing is Marketing” mantra of Sixteen Ventures is true, just look at the SaaS and Web App pricing related stories that have come out lately. From the positive, where RightNow used changes in pricing in an attempt to disrupt […]

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MicroISV Digest – 06/02/2010

Community News: There’s a new startup podcast: Startups for the Rest of Us. It focuses on actionable strategies for bootstrapped startups, microISVs and Micropreneurs, with hosts Rob Walling of Software by Rob and Mike Taber of SingleFounder.com. There’s a new episode every Tuesday at StartupsForTheRestOfUs.com, with full episode transcripts provided. [iTunes link]. Way to go […]

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MicroISV Digest – 05/26/2010


(Apologies to all for the six-week hiatus the MicroISV Digest took while I was working to get out StartupToDo.com Version 2 and start marketing.) Community News: BP and the feds may not be able to turn off the Gulf Oil Spill disaster, but maybe you can code a mobile app that will help. At least that’s […]

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StartupToDo.com: why all the scholarships?

Learn & Lead

I’d don’t know about you, but if I hadn’t gotten a couple of small, key scholarships, I would not have gone to college. It wasn’t just the money – it was having someone real tell me that, yes, I should be in college that made a huge difference. When you’re doing something new, different and […]

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It’s new, hot and matters: the Lean Startup Methodology


For years, startups and their founders have built their products, then searched for their markets and prayed for the best. I won’t dignify this as a methodology – it’s rolling the dice, hopefully with somebody else’s money. If you want to roll the dice, go to Vegas. If you want to build a successful business […]

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Announcing StartupToDo.com Version 2

Google Chrome

It’s been a long haul, but StartupToDo.com Version 2 is officially out today! Four times faster loading each and every page. Supports all current browser versions. With a new layout throughout thats easier to read, easier to work with and just plain more attractive. And now with an industry-standard 30 day free trial period before […]

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Pricing is Marketing: Understanding the Pricing Process for Web Apps

By Lincoln Murphy, Managing Director Sixteen Ventures http://sixteenventures.com “Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for.” – Peter F. Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship SaaS and Web App companies often charge their customers based on usage in an […]

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Three dot Friday

(Various short items in the Startup/MicroISV world I’ve bumped into this week, paying homage to Herb Caen.) … When Geoffrey Moore talks, startups should listen. Geoffrey, author of Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornato and Dealing with Darwin, is a must-read if you want to get your head around the stages of growth for a startup […]

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MicroISV Digest – 04/9/2010

Community News: Eight free scholarships to the “Startup Lessons Learned” Conference – On April 23 the first Lean Startups conference happens in San Francisco, and the organizers have made available eight scholarships to startup professionals who are interested in attending the show. The scholarships cover the full price of conference registration, valued at $699 for […]

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