And here we go: MicroConsult with Bob Walsh


I think I’ve come up with a way to take your self-funded startup or microISV to the next level. I call it MicroConsult with Bob Walsh, and here’s the gist: A one hour consultation via Skype/phone to define your biggest startup pain – market research, productivity, your web site, whatever – and collaboratively build a […]

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And here we are


Update: if you are seeing this particular post, 47Hats is safe and secure in it’s new servers! If all goes well and DNS propagation happens this weekend, the next 47Hats post will be fromt our shiny new awesome domain at WPEngine. After putting up with godaddy’s inexplicable slowdowns, unpredictable site outages, db hangs, email timeouts, […]

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This is not about that.


Last night Twitter announced its awesome new web page layout/functionality. This morning, like a few million other Twitterers, I started banging on my twitter page because I want the New and Shiny, and I want it now. New and Shiny beats productivity resolutions hands down, unfortunately. But this is not about that – it’s about Ryan […]

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Four Ways to Benefit with Social Commerce

Google Chrome

By Richard Bashara, Community Moderator at SoftCity We’ve all made big-ticket purchases before. It’s pretty difficult to just get up one morning and do.  It takes lots of phone calls and price comparisons before you can pinpoint what you want and can afford.  After a few back and forth conversations, the consumer usually has some […]

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How to frighten a startup founder..?

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Just whisper to them, “How is your market research going?” Their eyes will widen, blood pressure rise and sweat will break out on their brow. Of the very approximately two thousand startup founders I’ve talked with over the past 7 years, I can count on my fingers and toes the number who with premeditation did […]

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Time to start writing a new book…

pain center

I tend to write books when something in my life is very painful. My first book was dealing with the pain of all those non-programming things you have to do to sell commercial Windows desktop software; my last was getting my head around what a bootstrapping web startup needs to do. The pain I’m feeling […]

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35 Hands are better than 2

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The Iron Law of running a startup or microISV is there’s never enough time to everything, especially the important but non-critical stuff. It takes lots and lots of time to do the strategic stuff – often you have to pump in some unknown number of hours just researching. That’s why I’m excited by Fancy Hands […]

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Continuous Partial Exercise


I’m about 40 pounds overweight; worse, odds are good you are too. If you are reading this you probably spend your days in front of a computer, your nights in front of a computer and year by year your weight is creeping up. The old industrial way to stop looking so bovine was to go […]

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Reducing Decision Fatigue


The brave new world we are building online has it’s share of brave new problems: Does the Internet remain a level playing field or do large corporations “help” it by picking and choosing whose bits are more important (theirs)? How do we deal with the Media Tsunami that is growing to truly apocalyptic size day by […]

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Useful or not?


As you may have noticed, I’ve been fairly quiet here of late. That’s changing, but as part of that change I need to know if continuing the weekly MicroISV Digest is of value to you. If it is, let me know, and please vote!

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