What’s Twitter for if you’re a small software company?


Well, it’s not for sending out Tweets of version 2.31… 2.32…. 2.33. That’s insufferably boring and a waste of your time. Instead: Find things you can retweet that your customers will be interested in. Set aside a fixed amount of time a day to do this. Not to get too personal, but an iPad, Flipboard […]

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5 Mistakes Developers make Selling to Developers


By Brian Noll Code Complete Software A few typical things can happen when developers sell and market development tools to other developers. Here are some things to be careful about: Overselling OK, here is the deal.  It’s plain and simple, but sometimes forgotten.  Developers, engineers, and any scientific thinking person tend to reject outlandish marketing […]

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Paperless So Far – The Apple App Store


By Jim Rhoades Founder Crush Apps In the article “How to be a successful iPhone developer”, Bob Walsh offered some thoughts on why apps succeed or fail. As a developer who has had an app in Apple’s app store for a few months now, I thought I’d add to the discussion with some hard data […]

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B2C, B2B, B2G: what about us B2Developer Startups?


You’ve heard the adage that doctors make the worst patients? Well, software developers can be a hard market to sell software to. That’s why I’m especially pleased to announce a new StartupToDo.com Scholarship just for those startups building and selling the tools we all need to build our products. Code Complete Software, which markets and […]

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MicroISV Digest 07/31/2010


Community News: Russell Thackston, Auburn University microISV Research Alliance, has kicked off the 2010 microISV Pain Point Survey, and if you’re a microISV you should definitely take this survey now: Get exclusive access to anonymized survey results. Get a company profile listed on our participants page (optional). Get a link to your microISV site from […]

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The pain is gone!…


…from calculating what time it is across multiple time zones, thanks EveryTimeZone.com by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs. Besides being a dead-easy way to figure out what time will work for a Skype conference call with three people in three different time zones, it’s: a) A very cool HTML5 example pointed out by John Allsopp in […]

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How can you not do this?

Just got an online training offer from SitePoint – the awesome Australian IT powerhouse: “The course costs just $9.95 and includes eight lessons containing a mix of videos, mini articles, and exercises, as well as two live Q&A sessions where you can ask questions of John directly. You’ll also gain access to a private forum where you can […]

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Flipboard Find of the week


Here’s my Flipboard Find of the Week (something worthwhile Flipboard brought to my attention that would have otherwise been lost in the social media noise): Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business by Amber Mac. I grabbed the Kindle sample to my iPad, read that, just ordered the full book and am looking […]

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Everything is always the same – until it isn’t. This week, there’s been two new products – one slammed by demand, the other in alpha – that for all their faults change what at least I thought was possible for software to do. These are breakthroughs – these are things that until you see them, […]

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How to be a successful iPhone developer


I came across this YouTube video of Brian Greenstone from Pangea Software talking about how his company made $1.5 million on a two-week port of a Mac OS game over in the comments of my online friend Andy Brice’s blog. Andy’s post concerned the media reality distortion field cast over the iPhone, rightly pointing out […]

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