Office space options for start-ups


By Rob Clymo Office Genie When you’re starting a business venture then there are a multitude of things to think about. One of the main components of getting a new business infrastructure in place is to decide on where you’re going to work. If you’ve got an idea for your venture that doesn’t really require […]

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Startup/MicroISV Digest for 1/5/2011


Community News: A quick shout out of support for my podcasting co-host, Patrick Foley, Microsoft Evangelist: His article, Use Multiple Visual Studio Project Types for Cloud Success, is in this month’s MSDN Magazine. Way to go, Pat! Also check out this post by Pat with expands and updates the article. Not much being announced by MicroISVs […]

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Attention becomes the gating factor.

Have you noticed this past holiday season about a 3x jump in companies trying to get your attention via your email inbox? I did, and that brings us to another no-brainer but important prediction for startups and microISVs in 2011: attention is going to be the key resource, commodity and place to add value this […]

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“Please be kind to new users”

Google Chrome

Quora, the answerboard alternative to Stack Exchange and it many progeny, seems to have hit the takeoff point this week. With something like 500,000 registered members, I’m seeing a 10-fold increase in follow notifications. Others have remarked on the seeing the same thing. Usually about this time, the “old-timers” moan, grown and whinge about how […]

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Make your point!


Today’s example of A Job Well Done (a new feature I’m starting for 2011 here) is Tawheed (“TK”) Kader’s newest startup, specifically its welcome page. Any doubts in your mind what Tout is about? I thought not. Three things worth pointing out about this page: Yes, “Tout” is huge – that one word is like firing […]

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Making space, time, energy, and attention for 2011


Since you’re reading this along with all the other New Years posts, let me make a small suggestion. Make some room in your life for whatever opportunities, new things, new people might happen by in thisbrand new year. And that means carving out of your life some of the things that have accumulated. You can’t […]

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Startup/MicroISV Digest for 12/29/2010


Community News: Atul Godbole, at LogicNP Software, wanted to let you know they’ve recently released Crypto Logger For .Net. Crypto Logger, a flexible and high-performance .Net logging framework. Interesting questions with useful answers: Where can I find a CoFounder? Advisable amount of equity to part with during seed funding? When is the good time to […]

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Make a big deal out of it


Sometimes when it comes to marketing your startup, it’s not what you do but how you do it. You probably give away a few free licenses a week to people you meet, but do you do it with style and make a remarkable, positive, experience out of it? Here’s how: create some individually unique minicards at […]

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What’s new for microISVs in the New Year?


It’s that time again – time to peer into the crystal ball and try to spot the changes and trends that will impact how developers become startup founders in 2011. Here’s the first of a series of posts on what I think will change in 2011: what do you see changing? The brave new software […]

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Startup/MicroISV Digest for 12/14/2010

Community News: Erin Lang at the Belgrave Trust has a suggestion for strategizing in 2011: get a whiteboard. In fact, get a carbon neutral whiteboard. Belgrave is a two-year-old startup that sells carbon offsets as a subscription service to allow individuals to live carbon neutral.  They’ve recently added four products to their service that come bundled with […]

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