And so you code…

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If not you, who?

Status quo to digital disrupters

This may be off-topic if you’re reading this blog because I mostly focus on startups and microISVs, but stick with me for a moment. Who is going to make the future, or at least the part pertaining to how people interact with idea-containers formally known as books? Actually, I’m nominating you for the job. Because […]

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Startup/MicroISV Digest for 1/21/2011

Running Lean

Community News: One of the absolute best startup bloggers out there is Ash Maurya. If you have not been reading his posts these past few years, you’ve missed some extremely good content on how to define, build and grow a Lean Startup. Ash finished today his book, drawn from the workshops he’s been doing, Running […]

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Is your ToDo List a graveyard for should do’s?

Google Chrome1

Mine is. In fact, I have layers of to do systems (OmniFocus and now GQueues) that are far better at tracking what I have to do than I am. But every time I try and get my head around a long list of tasks, my brain freezes up. Now thanks to a very timely post […]

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Stop e-mailing and start living: 5 tips to get e-mail well under control in 2011


By Pierre Khawand Founder & CEO People-OnTheGo (Note: I invited Pierre to do this guest post and be on The Startup Success Podcast after buying and reading his book, The Accomplishing More with Less Workbook. Got questions for Pierre? Add them to his Guest page before Jan. 31st!) The rumors that e-mail is “dead” […]

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This is why I read Seth Godin

From his post today (Martin Luther King’s Birthday): As Martin Luther King Junior spoke about a half a lifetime ago, “We are now faced with the fact, my friends, that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being […]

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MicroISV Pain Points – some very interesting data


The results of the first annual MicroISV Pain Points Survey hit my inbox today – two interesting takeaways: – While pricing was the top pain, allotting time for blogging and time management were the #2 and #3 pains for the 152 microISVs who took the survey. – When Russell Thackston analyzed the 142 open-ended responses […]

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Startup/MicroISV Digest for 1/15/2011


Community News: In the last few years something important has changed. From there being scant support for first-time/bootstrapping startups we’re seeing incubator after startup fund come online. Case in point, The FinTech Innovation Lab is an annual program in New York City supports start-ups developing technology for the financial services industry. Selected participants get workspace […]

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Can’t find an idea for your startup?


A common problem for developers who want to create a startup is deciding what to build. If you have not been struck by the Middle Finger of God and blessed (or cursed) with an itchy obsession to build a particular solution to a specific problem, you can easily fall into the “everything is already done” […]

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I like actionable!


Michael Prendergast just let me know about this free online class tomorrow – nearly busted a finger stabbing away at my keyboard to sign up. Dan Martell of Flowtown will be giving tips on “Social Media Marketing for Startups.” It’s great seeing busy startup founders making the time to give back to the community. I’m attending, […]

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