Putting StartupToDo to sleep; lessons learned.

StartupToDo.com 2009-2011.

Well, that sucked. I disconnected StartupToDo.com this afternoon. It was time – past time. If you’ve ever had to put a member of your family who happens to be a cat or dog to sleep, you have a good sense of how I feel right about now. Not that bad, but still. I emailed the […]

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Industriously smelling the digital roses


If you don’t focus, you can’t create. But if you don’t connect, you can’t meaningfully create. Here’s my new approach to the whole “be industrious or be online” quandary. A.M. – Set up exactly what I am going to do and unless there’s an earthquake or a gun shot, do it. No interruptions, deviations, distractions, […]

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Beauty is not optional


No, I’m not talking about how handsome, beautiful or sexy you are; I’m talking about how beautiful your web, desktop or especially your mobile app had better be. We live in a world today that sees 5 new startups, 50 new books, 500 new sites and what feels like 5,000 new apps taking their walk down the […]

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Smiling all the way to the Bank


If you make desktop software and you’re wondering how in the hell do you get on board the Mobile Bandwagon, study up on Smile (formerly Smile on My Mac). Here’s a little software company whose best-known product, TextExpander, was one of a number of such utilities three years ago, and now they’re are the talk […]

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The Revenge of Microsoft: Windows 8


After years of being pegged as the impotent giant, Microsoft turned heads and changed expectations today with its first public showing of Windows 8. Windows 8 isn’t Windows 7 with a ribbon bar and new lip gloss: it’s jawdroppingly impressive. Assuming there’s real code behind this demo, Microsoft just kicked PCs as we know them […]

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The Startup Genome Project is going to shake things up.


For an industry at the cutting edge of science, the Startup Industry for too long has relied on myth, folklore and tribal tales to explain why some startups become Google and most die. Now, Hermann Björn (of Startup School), Prof. Steve Blank (one of the Lean Startup Amigos) and the rest of the Startup Genome Project have changed […]

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Of eBooks new, somewhat new, and 170 years old.


Ever notice how interesting things tend to happen in threes? Here’s my three things for the day, starting with that 170-year-old ebook. No, when Ralph Waldo Emerson pulled together his notes for Self-Reliance from meetups where he’d social networked with other thought leaders his time, the only things digital were at the ends of people’s […]

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Why Startups fail to sell.


[This is a free sample from my ebook, Startup Sites that Sell! – Creating and Marketing your Unique Selling Proposition. You can get the rest of this ebook designed to substantially improve your startup web site for $24.95 USD, or, you can take advantage of tomorrow’s Bits du Jour Sale and grab it for a […]

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A fleeting opportunity…

Google Chrome

Just got 5 seats to a private online interview with Steven Pressfield. Only catch is it is today at noon Pacific. Pressfield is the author of The War of Art, Do the Work and about a dozen best-selling fiction novels. First five emails or Tweets get in. bob.waslh@47hats.com.

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Above and Below

Hopefully you’ve had a more productive day than I have. I knew exactly what I had to do today for my startup, and yet I found all sorts of things to do instead. I’ve come to the opinion most of the time most people know exactly what they should be doing to finish their software, […]

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