The Startup Success Podcast is back in business!

Well, it’s official with our second “third season” episode: The Startup Success Podcast is back in the business of finding interesting (primarily) self-funded startup founders to talk to, doing our homework so we can interview influential and thought-provoking leaders in the startup world without sounding like idiots and generally having a good time!

The startup podcasting landscape has changed since long ago 2013, and there’s lots of good shows for you to enjoy. Our slant, our focus, our reason for doing the show is that as long term observers/participants in the startup world we want to drill down to the insights, experiences and worthwhile advice that will give self-funded startups a leg up and a sharpened knife for building their successful startups. Unicorns, VC’s and other creatures of Silicon Valley we will mostly leave to others to fawn over. We are looking for information you as self funded startup founder (a.k.a solopreneur, solo founder, and yes, microISV) really, really need to hear.

So join us each week here and on iTunes and on Libsysn for your dose of startup secret sauce!

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Bob WalshThe Startup Success Podcast is back in business!

Positioning your startup

Posted this morning #145 of the Startup Success Podcast – which was show #52 from January, 2010.

Pat and I interviewed again Sramana Mitra, this time about here excellent book, Positioning: How To Test, Validate, And Bring Your Idea To Market.

Figuring out the what do I build?/Who’s my market? problem is a must have if your startup is going to succeed. In this interview, Sramana shares her experience on this issue and digs deep into the process of positioning your startup.

Give it a listen – what do you think?

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Bob WalshPositioning your startup

A visionary in the true meaning of the word…

Posted Friday #144 of the Startup Success Podcast – which was show #28 from June, 2009.

It’s an interview Pat and I did with Sramana Mitra, one of the most successful and sought-after funded startup consultants out there.

Sramana’s consults, books and online roundtables would make her a “person of interest” to startup founders. But it’s here One Million by One Million program and vision that set her apart:

One Million by One Million is a global initiative that aims to nurture a million entrepreneurs to reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond by 2020, thereby creating a trillion dollars in global GDP and ten million jobs.

That’s a Big Goal – no messing around.

Give it a listen – what do you think?

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Bob WalshA visionary in the true meaning of the word…

An interview with Seth Godin…

Just posted #143 of the Startup Success Podcast – which was show #57 from Febrary, 2010. It’s an interview with one of the smartest people in the world when it comes to succeeding in the Internet Age: Seth Godin.

Seth over the last few years has been focusing on a highly relevant question for startup founders: How do you break through the noise, the sameness, the 10,000 other apps out there? If you are a fan of Seth Godin, and you’re looking for an answer to that question, don’t miss this interview!

Give it a listen – what do you think?

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Bob WalshAn interview with Seth Godin…

An interview with Jason Fried…

Just posted #142 of the Startup Success Podcast – which was show #63 from April, 2010. It’s an interview I did with Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals.

Jason’s advice to startup founders is anything but the usual conventional wisdom and I thought it would make a good start to the rerun season now that Patrick has left the show.

Give it a listen – what do you think?

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Bob WalshAn interview with Jason Fried…

An awesome interview with Prof. Steve Blank

Pat and I interviewed Professor Steve Blank, one of the key thinkers behind the whole Lean Startup movement, and that interview is up today!

If you’ve wondered what Customer Discovery really is, if it’s more than a Silicon Valley buzzword, this interview will give you the facts from the man who created it. And if you are wondering what’s in Prof. Blanks brand-new, eagerly-awaited book, The Startup Owners Manual, we have the details before anyone else.

Seriously, this is one of our best interviews and a must-listen if you want your startup to succeed.

So who would you like us to interview next? And what should we ask them?

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Bob WalshAn awesome interview with Prof. Steve Blank

Startups and Relationships: Can you have both?

Brad Feld thinks so, and he’s ready, willing and able to explain to you what has and has not worked so far in his 18 year marriage with his wife, Amy Batchelor. Pat and I interviewed Brad – noted VC, blogger, early stage investor and cofounder of TechStars – for The Startup Success Podcast (Just posted as Show 127).

If you want to build a great startup, but have no wish to fail your wife, significant other, or yourself, this is one show you should listen to.

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Bob WalshStartups and Relationships: Can you have both?

The secret to succeeding for startups: from Seth Godin’s lips to your ears.

How to overcome the resistance to shipping your product, why doing an app to spec isn’t enough anymore, why Steve Jobs is an artist and so are you, and lot more in this week’s the Startup Success Podcast (iTunes) with author Seth Godin. Pat and I had the great pleasure of interviewing Seth – author of a dozen bestselling books including Purple Cow, Tribes, Permission Marketing and now Linchpin – on how his insights apply to our world of startups.

If you don’t generally listen to the Startup Success Podcast that’s okay. But this is one podcast you really do want to hear.

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Bob WalshThe secret to succeeding for startups: from Seth Godin’s lips to your ears.

Come hell or high water…

A short post to let you know that:

  • The MicroISV Digest will return here Monday October 26th.
  • The Startup Success Podcast for this week is being worked on at this moment by our Executive Producer, Francesca Amari. Francesca has been the reason the last 6 or shows have come out like clockwork – The issues with the current show are mine and Pat’s, not Francesca’s. Bottom line: it may be Monday the 26th before the next show airs, unless Francesca can work a miracle.
  • is back in action after a major screwup left it launched, but without a working payment processing system. As of last night, we are now integrated with Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions and will be adding a second payment processor which accepts PayPal as well as credit cards worldwide, soon.
  • Already, three new Guides (on Twitter, Google Analytics and getting into and making sense of Microsoft’s BizSpark, Empower and new WebsiteSpark programs) have been added.

Now that I’ve rebuilt our payment system, I can get back to giving you very good reasons to spend some of your money and more importantly, some of you time, with

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Bob WalshCome hell or high water…

Emails that keep me going…

Got the following one today (unedited save for adding links):

Hey guys,

After listening to your podcast and getting Bob’s MicroISV eBook for free (offer from him for being bizspark member) (note I also found it so helpful that I paid for it anyway) I decided to do something about my horrible site.

The product this site was for is a pretty niche thing.  (controller for an RS232 device – a syringe pump).

I blamed my paltry sales on the small market.  After figuring out the potential market (the manufacturer is making a living selling these things so there had to be lots of room for growth for me – and I have no competition as far as I know) I figured there had to be a way to get more sales.

The eBook, combined with the hanselminutes episode about the timesnapper guy and the timesnapper guy’s 25 things to do list was an eye opener.

I just got off the phone with another sale today – this one from MIT – and am thrilled.  My sales for Feb 2009 is about 20%-25% of my total sales for the last 2 years combined.  (still nothing to write home about, but it is going in the right direction)

So, thanks guys.  The podcast and ebook were wakeup calls.  I still had a lot of work and research to do on my own, but without the kick in the pants I would have been still kidding myself about the lack of sales and waste of time.  (I still have to fix my paypal IPN scripts, upload more screenshots, make a huge download now button, write more faq entries, make some screen recordings/videos, but I am happy with the improvement.  I had the cliche horror-show butt-ugly do it yourself web site from the 90s.  (I am a C++ developer, not a web guy))


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Bob WalshEmails that keep me going…