Bob Walsh

Losing your Productivity Religion.

Short Version: Current Task List Managers regardless of platform are fatally flawed. They churn out one-size-fits-all tasks in a never-ending assembly line from Hell, faster and faster, until the whole edifice comes crashing down on your head. I don’t want to build Yet Another Productivity App (YAPA) – even if that means pouring ten times more

Playing with new toys!

Short version: I’ve been hired as senior web developer at TheRightMargin, so Solopomo development is slowing down. I’m aiming to have it done by end of March. Hi all! The good news is that after Brandle laid me and rest of its crack development team off and shut it’s office back in September, I’ve now started

A Scrum of One (solopreneur)?

So, what’s the right methodology for a developer or really small team for (hopefully) building and launching a successful SaaS? Do you bang out the minimalist of minimal viable products with no tests? I did that basically back in the day with and was overwhelmed by technical debt and bugs. Now that I’m back to

Join now.

Continuing my experiments to make myself a better solopreneur, I’ve joined and started participating in – and so should you. My first reaction to fizzle was skepticism – what, another online course that will make me all better? Been there, done that. But I decided to join anyway since being out here in rural

But seriously, folks…

Sometimes we developers take ourselves so seriously – these guys don’t. That in itself makes worth a look. While I’ve pretty much settled on Pivotal Tracker as I (painfully) change from unAgile to Agile, reading Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland (creator of Scrum) has

I can has all my Tabs Back!

I’m stitching together a new comprehensive productivity system presently – to go along with my new work focus of Ruby on Rails work + consulting + writing. It’s nowhere near ready to unleash on an unsuspecting internets, but I just found a chunk well worth sharing. If you use Chrome, then you’ve probably adopted the

Start every day with a line of code.

I’m going to try an experiment: identify and implement 1 small habit each Monday that makes me a better solopreneur, and report the results back here. This week: Start the day with a line of Code. [ update on Friday; December 5, 2014 – this has been hit or miss for me; been distracted getting

An interesting Amazon innovation

  I just saw something I never expected to see again: a mailman delivering a big heavy box to my doorstep on a Sunday afternoon. Seems Amazon has started using the USPS for big box deliveries seven days a week, at least here in California. I’m hoping this marks a revitalization of the USPS who

Comparing yourself to startups when you’re a solopreneur

One of the hardest aspects of being a solopreneur is dealing with the emotional impact of all those startups who, unlike you, seem to live on Easy Street. You hear about an app like Yo that sends just those characters to someone else raising $1.5 million on a valuation of $10 million and you ask