ok – so this is ugly.

But I could use 20 seconds of your help. Do either of these HD YouTube vids play for you? After Iain’s killer post I decide to take a cannonball jump into video. Blame Iain :) :



Thanks! You should get over the shock with a few deep breaths.

(An aside: if you run a WordPress site (and who doesn’t?), check out http://pippity.com/ very very nice, and two! updates since launch a week ago.)





  1. Ha! I like how your cat looks up both times when you scream :) The quality from the camera is really good too.

  2. Jack Johnson says:

    Both play fine here…

    – Jack

  3. Steve Moyer says:

    Yep, they both play … but I think you need to work on your on-camera demeanor a bit ;)

  4. Bob Millar says:

    Both play fine .. Stop scaring the cat :-)

  5. Haha I’ve created a monstor! The lighting is good in this vid I reckon. I always find it really hard to look good on camera – maybe it’s because I’ve just been using the cam in my laptop rather than getting an external one. Can I ask what type of camera you’re using?

    Incidentally I think you should explicitly state that no cats were harmed during the making of these videos :P

  6. Bob Walsh says:

    No cats harmed – they got tuna :)

  7. Bob Walsh says:

    And to mention, this is a Logitech HD C910, and it is awesome!

  8. Yeah, both worked for me too. The cat didn’t look scared, but he did give you a glance as if to say “keep the noise down will ya, I’m trying to think over here”.

  9. Works fine for me, iiiha!

  10. Ryan Clarke says:

    Both vids played and both were extremely clear. Great quality.