Got into Google+ yesterday (Thanks Phil!) – now it’s time to start digging around to figure out exactly what a startup founder can get out of it. If you’re in, comment about how you are finding value there. If you’re not, and you’ve got a startup/Google+ related idea, tip, question – comment and I’ve got as of this moment 5 invites left (these may even work :)).

The battle of the Google+ widgets

But first, a quick suggestion and thanks. Go subscribe to – they blogged about the following two widgets.

  1. ( link.) Sign in with your Google+ id (thats the number in the URL of your Google Profile in Google Plus). then, look for your widget in the sidebar after you refresh the page:
  2. ( link.). Subscribe to their feed FIRST, confirm, and then you can click Get Widget and get somewhere. By the way, the various options for color etc, are in a tab interface at the bottom.

3 thoughts on “So how are you using Google+?

    1. I can – but it has to be to a non-Google Apps, non-generic email address to work.


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