Sale ends Monday at Noon (PST)

…at least for the MicroConsult with Bob Walsh sale. MicroConsults will be returning to their normal highly competitive prices Monday at noon (San Francisco time).

So who went for the sale? Well, for starters…

  • A New Yorker who wanted to become more productive (bought the 3 for 2, came back for 6 for 4),
  • Another New Yorker who after a bit of brainstorming found their “secret sauce” to turn their side project into a real, fundable, startup.
  • A Russian CS/math whiz looking for ways to productize some amazing algorithms and make the right Silicon Valley connections.
  • 2 founders building a disruptive market creation startup,
  • A Southern Californian blogger back for another session on making the WordPress pain go away,
  • A New Jerseyite who’s made more progress in the week after their first MicroConsult than in the preceding 2 months,
  • and 5 other startup founders, microISVs or productivity-challenged people who needed someone to get behind them and push.


    How about you? 🙂