It’s always fun to be able to say the words, “It’s shipped!” , especially if you don’t actually have to do the shipping. Yesterday, paper copies of The Web Startup Success Guide started arriving at customer’s doors; I got my 20 author copies in the middle of an interview for a future Startup Success Podcast episode. Also, Apress is now selling the PDF version: very handy given the number of URLs in it. (Update (7/24/09 7pm PST: Apress is working to make this PDF Kindle-ready. It’s not as of now.)

This book would not have been possible without the cooperation and help of a great many people. Today though, I’d like to point out one of my personal heroes that writing this book gave me the opportunity to interview: David Allen, creator of the Getting Things Done productivity methodology and best-selling author.

David was kind enough to give me an extensive interview on the intersection between GTD and a range of topics: building a startup, working online, using Twitter and more. It’s a long interview – 6,000+ words – so I’ve made it the GTD page of 47hats.

If you know about GTD, and you are building a startup or microISV, this is the interview you’ve been waiting for. If you’re building a startup or microISV and don’t know about GTD, you need to read this interview. Seriously.

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9 thoughts on “It’s shipped! And, an interview with David Allen

  1. According to the Apress e-book FAQs (and verified by my own attempt to open a different Apress pdf on my Kindle), pdfs downloaded from Apress do not work on Kindle. The only Apress e-books that work on Kindle are the ones that you buy through Amazon and, as of yet, I do not see your book available in Kindle format on Amazon.

  2. Hi Greg – have forwarded you comment to Apress to doublecheck what I’d been told. Should have an answer Monday or so.

  3. Here’s what I got back from my editor at Apress:
    “That is true. We’re working on a solution, but we’re not there yet. ( It’s actually more to do with Amazon’s rendering engine than us but it is our responsibility to work around it.)”

  4. Hi Feedbo – It probably won’t be – I don’t have a relationship with Audible and I’d need David’s okay to post the actual audio…

  5. Hi Bob,

    It’s arrived!

    I got the book a couple of days ago and the first chapter I turned to was the Getting It Done chapter.

    While I love GTD and totally admire David Allen and appreciate all the work he’s done to make the world a better place, I really believe that his ideas can be presented in a much, MUCH simpler way!

    I think the original GTD book wasn’t as well structured as it could have been. I only understood a few sentences here and there in Ready for Anything. And in his interview with you, he doesn’t express his ideas very clearly. At one point he says: “I don’t know if that answered your question.”

    And you reply: “I think it did.”

    It seems he lost you too! 😛

    I really don’t mean to attack David. I don’t think stress-free productivity can be achieved without heeding his words. But I also have to point out that his words aren’t always as clear as they can be. If GTD wasn’t so dear to me I wouldn’t have bothered to leave this comment.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your book!

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