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timesup.jpgThe MicroISV Digest for the week ending November 10th, 2008.

(If you have an announcement of interest to your fellow microISV, indies or startups, please email me at bob.walsh@47hats.com with the word digest in the subject.)

News and Announcements

  • Justin Magaram (Rain City Digital LLC) has launched TimesUpKidz – A Windows desktop app for putting the brakes on your children’s computer usage. Curb those bad habits early! (via email)
  • Zviki Cohen is looking for feedback on his new microISV site for nWire. nWire is an Eclipse plug-in which expedites Java development.(via BOS)
  • Dharmesh Shah’s Business of Software Conference talk is now online at here – and seven other videos of talks by the likes of Eric Sink, Jason Fried and Steve Johnson are up on the Business of Software Social Network site. (via BOS)
  • Show #4 of the Startup Success Podcast is up: in this show Pat and I talk to Microsoft’s Larry Gregory about the new BizSpark program and I interview Peldi Guilizzoni creator of Balsamiq Mockups, a great Adobe AIR app.
  • Speaking of BizSpark – Microsoft’s new better than Empower program for startups – you’ll find more info in these BOS posts here and here, and my take here and here. If you’re interested in getting what BizSpark has to offer, email me. I’m a BizSpark Network Partner.

Relevant Blog Posts, Videos and Articles

All and all, a quiet week. I think it’s a combination of post-election fatigue and pre-Inauguration hopes…

Further (mostly relevant) Reading

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  • Justin - November 22, 2008

    Bob, thanks for mentioning my product. I read your book recently and it gave me the confidence to start my own software company. I’ve recommended it to a few friends as well.

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