Just back from Tokyo with a ton of new ideas/insights, a cold (thanks Marshall! – just kidding) and some great reads to catch up with on the net. First up: Want more clients? Get out of your mental ghetto, by one of my all time favs, Pam Slim.

Pam nailed microISVs dead to rights. We go to the same conferences, talk with the same people, see the world all too often the same way. Perspective is an algorthem: the more of these you have in your toolbox, the better you can solve problems, see opportunities, write great software, make money, make a difference. Her advice to us?

If you are a software developer who wants to create time management software for busy moms, get off the Joel on Software forum and get to the grocery store at 5:00pm and talk to 20 women with kids hanging off of their shopping carts

I concur – especially after Diving Deep into Japan, courtesy of the good folks at Lunarr.

3 thoughts on “Get up, get out, get moving

  1. Hey Bob, thanks for the hat tip!

    And of course you know I was elbowing in your ribs with the “Joel on Software” reference.

    Just to clarify, forums can be fantastic as support mechanisms, sources of information and as places to go to learn best practices. But if members don’t watch it, they can find they spend all their time there, then wonder why getting clients is so hard.

    I liken it to some of my dear single girlfriends who spend all of their time together dissing on “men who are dogs.” How likely do you think they are to get a date this way rather than by hanging out with happy, positive singles or married couples? 😉

    Can’t wait to hear more about Japan. Sounds great!


  2. Hey Bob, I’m sorry about that – you know what they say though, there’s lots of ways to get links from peoples’ blogs though! This one seems to have worked for me! Get well soon, I’m working on doing the same!

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