I came across a new job board exclusively for startups and people who want to work for them today – StartupAgents.com. Very cleanly executed, attractive, well thought out. Depending on your needs and wants you can either use it to shop for talent to expand your microISV or flesh out your startup or stop wasting your time in some deadend job from Cubicle Hell and jump on the startup train.

No – I’m not quitting my day job helping microISVs succeed by signing up with StartupAgents – Here’s my profile there:

I work with startups/microISVs helping them succeed in three specific areas:

Product/SaaS Differentiation – What is going to make your product different, remarkable and important to customers?

Marketing Message – How should your site’s main page be structured to emotionally and logically connect with your Primary Customer, then build upon that connection via Relevant Value and Credibility Markers to establish trust, build excitement and generate sales?

roduct Blog – Hour for hour invested, a well structured and targeted blog is the single best marketing tool for a startup. But who are you blogging for, what are you blogging about and how do you incorporate yet another thing to do with the most leverage?

Perhaps you or your startup might need those services as well. In any case, the more we as startups and microISVs are marketed to, the better: it’s a sure sign of growth.

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