By Bob Walsh

Andy Brice today the front page of Slashdot and has been jackpotting all over the Net at reddit, digg and elsewhere. Why? Because Andy turned on the lights on a stinky little cockroach of a secret in the online software industry: a lot of “5-star” software download sites awards are bs-lies. His post as of now has 158 comments and trackbacks. Tilt!

Andy – Here’s the other dirty little secret you’ve come across: you’ve done some real muckraking and the world is hungry for it!

There used to be a time in this country [The USA] when people called newsmen and newswomen would go out and cover some dirty secret that people had a right to know. Sometimes it would be very big – like Watergate. But for every Watergate, there were a 1000 City Council gates, 1000 little candles of darkness where one group of people connive money, power or influence from others.

Were being the operative word.

I hope you – and other bloggers, microISV or not – do more posts like this! Please let me know – as one (ex) investigative reporter to another – if you need any help re how to nail bastards who need nailing. Blog On!