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Andy Brice did it today in the U.K. Collis Ta’eed did it today in Australia. Maybe it’s time you did it in your microISV’s blog. Today’s tip is be bold when your blog.

Take a stand. Make some noise. Kick up a ruckus. Muckrake. Kick some ass. Lead.

Blogging is no place for watered-down marketing blah blah. It is a place where you can make things happen.

For example, Andy Brice nailed 16 bogus software directories that hand out “5-star” awards to each and every microISV application that crosses their door.

On the other side of the world Collis Ta’eed kicked off Blog Action Day – an effort [already gathering steam] to focus the power of attention of the blogosphere on one subject – the environment – on Oct. 15th.

Never using your blog in a bold way tells the world you are afraid. Afraid of offending someone, somewhere. Fear – especially pointless, useless vague fear – has no place in your life if you’re going to be a successful person.

Want a business reason for being bold? Consider these stats from Andy today:

Need another reason? Consider the words of Brian Clark, the man behind top-rated

If you don’t mind being just another blog among millions, just keep talking about the same thing. But if you want to make the Technorati Top 1,000 (I did it in five months, and got to 11,000 subscribers and 1 million page views a month in that period), you have to find a way to get noticed. You have to stick out from the crowd.

How do you get noticed? You gotta be bold.

There’s no other way.

-From Go Big or Go Home: Why Being Bold is Critical to Getting Noticed

So take a moment, look up from this screen, and ask yourself: What will you be bold about on your blog tomorrow?

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  1. Thank you. I remember offending a couple readers a while back, and it made me a little timid. Thanks for renewing my boldness.

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