[This is a 47hats Tip.]

Wouldn’t it be nice to have X-ray vision and be able to see your customers where ever they are hiding? Today’s 47hats tip is how to get the next best thing: Get a free CrazyEgg account and see where your prospective customers are clicking on your web site.

Yes, you may be the mega-numbers guy and love analyzing your web logs to gleam what your microISVs prospective customers are clicking on when they come to your site, but the rest of us want something fast and simple, something that summarizes all that data into actionable information. Enter CrazyEgg.

Once you add a one line javascript reference to one of your site’s pages, you can collect data that you can see in three main ways:

  • As a heatmap, showing where visitors clicked, with the hotter = more clicks.
  • As a list showing elements, clicks per element and as a percentage of all clicks
  • As Confetti showing you where users by such useful things as search teams and operating system (see below) clicked.

If you’re wondering where the link is for this very useful service, click on this link to Darren Rowse’s post about Crazyegg and then click on one of the links therein (That way, your free CrazyEgg account will handle 6,000 instead of 4,000 clicks:)).

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