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Today’s tip is for all those older (like me) microISVs out there who may not be keeping up with the times: it’s time for you to put your microISV product or service up on YouTube for all the world to see.

For example, take this YouTube vid, “7 minutes of Ajax [Video] that will change your life!”, posted by the four-person Norwegian microISV Frost Innovation AS. It’s a video on their product, Gaia Ajax Widgets ($295 USD).

Now is this vid going to get the same mega plays as JibJab or some guy blowing apple pie out of his nose – nope. And that’s a good thing. I came across it via my iGoogle home page and a feed that included stuff from dZone where in the past 2 days some 1500+ developers have clicked through to their page, and about 900 of them have clicked the YouTube link and actually watched this video. I’ve self selected my net feeds for this kind of stuff, and your customers will increasingly do the same.

Whether or not you think their product is the right Ajax toolkit for you is beside the point: they are using a new, hot channel to reach developers, they are doing so for the cost of the time to put this screencast together, and they are getting through to their prospective customers.

Here’s six reasons you should consider creating a YouTube video:

  • The bar is not high. You don’t need to spend major money to create a decent YouTube video – every PC and Mac has the software to do it. It’s one thing if Ford, VW or Coca Cola put out a video with shall we say not great production values, but a microISV can get away with a screencast, a voiceover and a sock puppet.
  • 30 times a second times a thousand words a picture. The biggest hurdle for most software – especially software for other software – is communicating the value of your product in the scant seconds before the prospective customer clicks off your site. A screen shot is a start, but the bar is in the process of being raised.
  • Short is sweet. A 30 second video focused on the top “Wow – that’s cool!” thing you can do with your software or your web app is ten times more interesting than 8 minutes of marketing hype and tripe.
  • It’s new. Right now there’s exactly 2 videos on YouTube tagged “microISV” – mine and somebody else’s (small request – vote for mine here. Please!). It never hurts in the marketing to be first, and as this post over at SEOmoz testifies, being new gets you past most people’s internal spam filters.
  • It’s free. Video can eat through monthly bandwidth limits like nobody’s business. Let YouTube host it. Free is good.
  • There’s plenty of help out there – where else? – on YouTube. For Windows there’s Ayumilove Windows Movie Maker Tutorials and for Mac people check out Creating Screencast Videos on a Mac. In both cases, also have a look at the related videos and in the case of Ayumilove, be sure to expand the box next to the video – lots of material there.

So maybe it’s time to spice up your site, do something worth Digging and get with the times, the YouTube times.

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5 thoughts on “6 reasons your microISV is ready for YouTube

  1. Interesting idea. The ajax video is interesting because I would automatically think they’d use a voiceover, but they went with music and had the product speak for itself. As for the music, is it their music? Is it someone else’s music which “fell into their lap”? While the interweb is full of copyrighted-yet-appropriated material, what happens when a legit business goes about the tactic?

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thomas Hansen, one of the four founders of Frost Innovation sent me and email re their YouTube experience and further allowed me to post most of it here:

    [Thomas wrote:]
    Regarding Video Blogs I must confess (but don’t tell anybody 😉 that it’s probably our biggest success EVER in marketing efforts, but REALLY expensive if you’re doing them yourself! Unless you record some seminar where you speak (or others) or something similar…!

    There exists some really good YouTube videos (which means you don’t need to spend your OWN bandwidth to show them) for your segment too… Obviously YouTube is THE way to show your OWN Videos TOO…!!!!
    Unless you’re so scared of loosing PPC that you ONLY want people to watch your stuff at YOUR site…!!
    The most important I can think of right now is probably Seth Godin talks to Google about Viral Marketing versus interrupting marketing…
    Worth watching too if you haven’t seen it 🙂

    Also feel free to “steal” our Videos in your own blogs too…! 😉
    After all we have no interest in the actual traffic since it’s just a way for us to achieve our PRIMARY (and only) Goal which is registered users which hopefully further down the road purchases our product…!

    Also if you’re a good Ajax blogger with lots of Ajax readers we have an affiliate program (30%) which can be read about here; http://ajaxwidgets.com/more/affiliate_program.aa

    Don’t be afraid to ask about more stuff…! 🙂

    Have a nice day 🙂


  3. Hi, Everybody!

    I just want to know what software have been used for creating this video? (I mean a capturing software like wink or captivate with all slide and zoom effects under web page and controls in the video).

    Can anyone suggest a software or a bundle for a reasonable price?

    Maybe you have already read an useful article on this topic with tips and suggestions? Please share a link!

    Or maybe you’ll post it here on this blog? 😉

    Thank you!

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