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Not much when it comes to selling your microISVs wares: business sales slacken as worker drones try to clear their desks and/or slip out the door; consumer products will do better on the weekend; your telephone forgets how to ring.

What’s an enterprising microISV to do with Friday afternoons? I’d recommend the following:

  • File all the stuff on your desk, assuming – as in the shot above – your cat is not in the way.
  • Make your weekly codebase backups, including your remote backup.
  • Apply all the upgrades and updates you did not interrupt yourself with Monday through Thursday with.
  • Go through your “Online invites to accept or reject folder” email folder.
  • Review those sites you bookmarked this week and either save them or delete them.
  • Catch up on the regular forums you follow.
  • Get your email inbox to empty.
  • Do your weekly review.

Online business, like the bricks and mortar kind, has its own cycle and flow. Bucking the flow is seldom a good idea.

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10 thoughts on “What are Friday afternoons good for?

  1. “assuming – as in the shot above – your cat is not in the way”

    Not a problem … cats get filed under “C”

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